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1800kW Induction motor and horizontal split-case pump

Faced with equipment monitoring challenges and unpredictable failures, Hunter Water took the leap to advance their maintenance maturity in 2019. Through harnessing MOVUS FitMachine, Hunter Water has since developed a more efficient maintenance regime that simultaneously contributes to the safety of their people.

The Challenge

Prior to using MOVUS FitMachine, Hunter Water faced the challenge of distantly located critical assets.

On a daily basis the teams from Hunter Water were facing up to 30minute drives in any given direction to reach their equipment, and this came at the cost of their maintenance.

Not only was the time a costly inconvenience, but it resulted in their regimes being centred around reactive and weekly or bi-weekly routine maintenance. This, in turn, became a major factor behind why equipment incidents and failures were escaping detection.

What’s more, the long travel times increased safety risks to crew members and induced unnecessary financial, inventory and environmental costs.

To overcome these challenges, Hunter Water knew they needed to implement smarter maintenance. Insight into how equipment behaved, particularly remotely, was vital to work in a more efficient manner.

Early Fault Detection

Minimised process downtime

Avoided catastrophic failure

Enabled planned preventative maintenance

Why FitMachine Was The Perfect Solution

After identifying MOVUS FitMachine as a cost effective, fast-to-deploy, lowrisk option, Hunter Water implemented a pilot program across six pumps stations.

Since, FitMachine has provided Hunter Water’s maintenance team with continuous condition-based assessment on stations of high criticality to their network operations.

It’s thanks to FitMachine’s early warning of condition changes that the teams have been able to shift from to reactive to predictive maintenance.

Using FitMachine’s condition monitoring and predictive indicators as prompts for initiating maintenance, Hunter Water has been able to catch equipment condition patterns and anomalies that have otherwise escaped detection.

The Results

With 24/7 insight into their asset’s behaviour, Hunter Water has been able to dramatically reduce the number of visual inspections performed by maintenance crews.

Teams no longer are faced with long drives and the associated risks in order to understand their equipment’s condition.

Now, they have eyes on their critical assets no matter where they are.

This remote visibility has reduced costs, saved resources, cut risks and increased day-to-day worker safety.

Ultimately, FitMachine has allowed Hunter Water to increase the maturity of their maintenance through development of a more efficient and targeted asset maintenance regime.