Our Team

Meet Our CEO Malcolm Schulstad

Starting from a highly technical background in rocket science and orbital mechanics, Mal has gathered a wide variety of experience in his professional life.

Perhaps not your traditional corporate player, Mal joined MOVUS with a specific mission: to make the world a better place.

While MOVUS has been technically at the cutting edge, offering innovative condition monitoring and even early AI integration for a decade, for Mal, it’s really about reducing industries’ burden on the world. 

And data is how Mal and MOVUS get it done.

Simply, production teams are more efficient, effective, and safe when they have the power to optimise maintenance and reduce machine breakdowns.

It’s one small step towards a better industrial world, with reduced energy consumption and carbon footprint. 

Because, ultimately, MOVUS is about conserving the planet’s resources. 

And Mal’s #1 priority with the company is to leave behind a better world for the next generation. 

Meet Our Team

Lisa Wruck

Finance and Accounting

Zoe Ling

Head of Customer Operations

Vigneshwar Kannan

Product and Engineering Manager

Grady Vincent

Chief Technology Officer

John Scott

Solutions Architect

Kerry Schulstad

Customer Success Manager

Jessica Bishop

Operations Planning Analyst

Sreya Singh

Account Engineer

Ethan van der Vegt

Data Engineer

Desmond Gan

Hardware and Firmware Engineer

Joseph Simmons

Operations Support Analyst

Isaac Graham

Technical Operations Support Engineer

Juan Ordorica

Product Engineer

Alastair Petfield

Operations Support Team Leader

Oscar Church

Operations Support Team Member

Benjamin Pyne

Operations Support Team Member

Elmira Zaripova – Platform Developer

Elmira Zaripova

Platform Developer

Together, we can build a better industrial world!