Asset Health

Understand the true health of your equipment and take preventative action to minimise downtime.

Ensuring Machine Fitness

Protect the beating heart of your operations and keep your assets fit for service with real-time sensor monitoring, AI trend tracking and fault alarms.

The MOVUS MachineCloud dashboard brings together and presents your asset data in a way that makes sense and gives you 24/7 monitoring to ensure the health of your vital production equipment.

Machines fail for various reasons, but there are a few telltale signs that signal an emerging fault.


MOVUS FitMachine sensors detect vibration levels in the immediate area, giving you a broader scope of fault detection.

When elevated vibration occurs, move your sensor onto the local assets to problem-solve and find the source of the issue.


Noise or frequency is another worrying telltale sign. 

MachineCloud offers three-dimensional plot charts so you can monitor the frequencies of an asset over time.

The frequency report’s interactive elements allow you to drill into the details by zooming, rotating, panning, and changing the dates.


When assets run hot, it’s usually a sign of a developing mechanical failure.

When positioned directly on a piece of equipment, FitMachine can detect a rise in temperature, which may correspond to a bearing failure, etc., giving you time to nurse the asset through until an appropriate maintenance window opens.

Current Drag

Unhealthy machines need more power to stay operational, and this appears in the amps they draw in.

MOVUS FitPower is developed to measure a specific machine’s current drag and alert operators when the levels rise above normal parameters.

Get Ahead of the Curve

Don’t wait until you have a problem to plan last-minute emergency maintenance.

Understand your asset health in detail, protect your production stats with planned preventative maintenance, and save on wasted time and resources.

Catastrophic breakdowns are a dangerous, stressful environment for your team, something every operation could do without.

Helping to keep your assets healthy

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