Use Cases

Reduce Operational Waste

Build Efficiency – Everywhere

As the Energy Transition takes shape, sustainability has become a key focus for many businesses.

Condition monitoring enables downstream efficiencies, including reduced labour requirements, fewer wasted parts and decreased energy consumption.

Enjoy Flow-on Benefits

Greater efficiency across your business unlocks crucial dollar savings.  

For industrial companies where complex processes are a part of life, reducing waste frees up cash for reinvestment back into the business.

Hit your sustainability goals and reduce waste on multiple fronts.

Helping you reduce operational waste

Acid pumps are crucial for metals processing, and so is FitMachine.

Our client operates multiple facilities worldwide and is an industry leader in sourcing, mining and processing large quantities of metals, including zinc and lead.

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FitMachine Prevents Downtime and Identifies Operations Issues for Food Manufacturer.

ARYZTA, a global food manufacturer, has experienced the power of CBM technology to prevent unplanned downtime AND eliminate process errors.

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Hunter Water Implements Smart Maintenance for a New, More Efficient Regime.

In our latest case study, we dive into Hunter Water’s transformation from reactive to predictive maintenance.

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