Use Cases

Improve Energy Efficiency

Optimise Energy Use

Unhealthy or failing equipment needs more energy to keep itself running.

With a MOVUS sensing solution, you can monitor your equipment’s current drag to identify faults and schedule maintenance before it is too late, saving resources and energy.

Unlock Operation-Wide Energy Savings

The MOVUS FitPower sensor is designed to monitor the energy usage of your process assets and pinpoint signs of trouble.

FitPower is a non-intrusive way to understand and improve your sustainability stats while monitoring machinery for imminent failure.

Protect your equipment and improve your sustainability with the FitPower sensor.

We’ve helped clients reach success

Acid pumps are crucial for metals processing, and so is FitMachine.

Our client operates multiple facilities worldwide and is an industry leader in sourcing, mining and processing large quantities of metals, including zinc and lead.

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FitMachine Prevents Downtime and Identifies Operations Issues for Food Manufacturer.

ARYZTA, a global food manufacturer, has experienced the power of CBM technology to prevent unplanned downtime AND eliminate process errors.

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Hunter Water Implements Smart Maintenance for a New, More Efficient Regime.

In our latest case study, we dive into Hunter Water’s transformation from reactive to predictive maintenance.

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