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Production Safety




Desliming screen

FitMachine was deployed to monitor a number of desliming screens at a Coal Handling Preparation Plant (CHPP) in a Central Queensland Coal Mine. The deployment was undertaken to indicate to the maintenance and reliability teams the value of continuous condition monitoring in hazardous environments.

Monitoring assets in dangerous conditions is key to the customer to increase worker safety and ensure appropriate preparation. The inspection and monitoring of these screens are extremely vital as the surrounding environment is suspended with hazardous coal dust.

After three months of monitoring, the MOVUS MachineCloud AI indicated an asset was operating abnormally from the gathered performance baseline.

The detected rapidly increasing vibration, acoustics and RMS levels allowed our customer to plan downtime and seek specialist assistance to ensure the asset could return to normal operation.

Why FitMachine Was The Perfect Solution

MOVUS FitMachine is a world-leading continuous condition monitoring solution

Utilizing best-of-breed sensors, communications, artificial intelligence into a low-cost platform, FitMachine provides 24/7 digital oversight across a wide range of fixed rotating assets.

Fast Installation. No Tools Required.
FitMachine can be deployed in minutes with condition data available within the hour.

No Need for IT.
As a true end-to-end solution, the sensor, gateway, and cloud platform bring consumerstyle simplicity into the most industrial environments.

Full Support for Customers in the United States and Canada.
MOVUS and ALS Tribology have partnered to ensure our growing community of FitMachine users have access to comprehensive Customer Success resources.

The Results

Increasing Safety
The deployment of FitMachine supports our customer’s fundamental health and safety global priority, with inspection personnel no longer required to enter the hazardous area to assess the equipment condition.

Data-driven, fast decision-making
The FitMachine monitoring solution provided our customer with crucial historical and real-time condition data of their asset to support their decision of intervening and avoiding a potential high-risk investigation.

Alert prevented unplanned downtime
FitMachine’s early warnings allowed the maintenance team to further investigate the increase in vibration and acoustics. If the MOVUS platform wasn’t deployed at this time, the fault would have caused a costly 12-hour production downtime in a hazardous environment.

Proof of Value Displayed within months
FitMachine detected condition degradation and sent an alert only three months after sensors were installed.

Early Fault Detection

Minimised process downtime

Avoided catastrophic failure

Enabled planned preventative maintenance