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Downtime Prevention


Food Manufacturing


Ovens and Griddles

ARYZTA, a global food manufacturer, has experienced the power of CBM technology to prevent unplanned downtime AND eliminate process errors. FitMachine has enabled visibility of critical equipment health 24/7 and allowed frontline operations teams to adjust their processes and ease the burden on maintenance.

Ovens and griddles are critical points in the production line for ARYZTA. Without these assets running efficiently, the entire production process is bottlenecked. Furthermore, any failure here can lead to significant downtime, lost production, repair costs and an impact on reputation.

Monitoring A Critical Point In The Production Line

FitMachine alerted maintenance teams to a deviation in an oven’s behaviour in the early hours of the morning. Vibration and temperature were significantly raised within the asset and flagged with the onsite maintenance team.

The ability to pre-diagnose issues thanks to visual data tools and Al output on the FitMachine dashboard allowed the maintenance teams to identify the symptoms of metal-on-metal rubbing.

This indicated that the machine had been left on outside of standard / required operating hours with no product flowing through. Not only was this a pickup of a machine fault, but also a missed process step by operations during the previous overnight shutdown.

Thanks to FitMachine, on-site teams could be alerted to the issue. This enabled them to take action prior to overheating and complete breakdown of the equipment. Furthermore, this alert prevented Food Safety Issues that could require expensive product recall, health risks to consumers and significant damage to ARYZTA’s reputation.

Providing Maintenance Oversight ‘At A Glance’

Frontline (and offsite) maintenance staff at ARYZTA have access to the FitMachine dashboard no matter where they are. The Equipment List is displayed constantly on a visible screen in the common area when onsite. Highly visual tools make live analysis and diagnosis of asset health easy. Staff have visibility of all asset health data 24/7, enabling them to prioritise maintenance work and ensure no critical assets fail during key operations times.

How FitMachine Helped Shift Maintenance Practices

Following the pickup from FitMachine, ARYZTA has adjusted operations checklists and even the oven’s Human Machine Interface. The equipment will now visibly display a warning when left on.

Operations teams have the support of systems to ensure that the oven isn’t left on when not required, and maintenance teams have peace of mind that they’ll be alerted should there be any issues.

Quite often, with maintenance transformation projects involving Industry 4.0 tech, it can be hard to get buy-in from the rest of the business. This case provided solid proof of the impact that IloT maintenance tools can have on both operations and maintenance

Early Fault Detection

Minimised process downtime

Avoided catastrophic failure

Enabled planned preventative maintenance