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Asset Fault Detection


Metals Processing


Acid Pump

Our client operates multiple facilities worldwide and is an industry leader in sourcing, mining and processing large quantities of metals, including zinc and lead.

The company has partnered with MOVUS in Australia to monitor the condition of hundreds of pieces of process equipment, relying on FitMachine technology to help identify emerging faults and plan maintenance activities.

Fault Detected

Now on the MOVUS AI monitoring list, the acid pump’s Condition Score continued to elevate until mid-December.

On the morning of December 22, one of the facility’s on-site reliability engineers identified a bearing fault and moved the FitMachine directly onto the bearing housing to track the issue more closely.

Keep in mind: The FitMachine sensor was not initially positioned on the bearing housing and detected vibrations from some distance away.

In the output charts, you can see a significant AI reaction to the change in position, something you can expect when a FitMachine is relocated or when the sensor picks up a severe shift in vibration from a piece of equipment.

Failure Avoided

With the FitMachine now installed on the bearing housing, the team could manually monitor the progression of the bearing fault and use the Threshold Alarming feature on the MOVUS equipment dashboard.

Traditionally, a sensor must be right on the bearing to detect a fault, but FitMachines are different and can cover a much wider area.

The early detection and measured data warning allowed the maintenance team to avoid a catastrophic breakdown, plan a shutdown and safely replace the component, saving resources, time and costs.

Early Fault Detection

Minimised process downtime

Avoided catastrophic failure

Enabled planned preventative maintenance