Smarter Machine Monitoring Maintenance Production Insights

Smarter Machine Monitoring Maintenance Production Insights

Extend your asset life, reduce downtime and protect your people with a MOVUS condition monitoring solution.

Improve Your Process and Machine Health

Maximise your machine uptime and strengthen your end-to-end process with a MOVUS machine monitoring solution. 

Our sensors give you actionable insights into your asset’s condition and energy use in an easy-to-use, interconnected and fully supported platform.


Hours of Data


Alarms Generated


Machines Monitored


Asset Visibility

Hit Your Operational Targets

Manage Risk and Take Real Action

Machine breakdowns cost time and money, posing a real danger to personnel.  

MOVUS condition monitoring gives you the power to avoid unplanned downtime, take preventative action and reduce the risk to your people on the ground.

Upgrade your machine and process health with a sensor package tailored to you.

Gain Operation-Wide Improvements

Support your Asset, Reliability, Engineering and Operations teams with improved equipment oversight and performance. 

Visualise your asset’s condition score on the MOVUS MachineCloud dashboard and plan maintenance operations efficiently, sourcing parts and labour without the panic.

Want to see it in action? You can access a 30 day free trial of our MachineCloud Software and simulate real results in real time.